Community-Driven Blogs is looking for hurdy-gurdy community members who have an interest in sharing their expertise and experiences in all things hurdy-gurdy.

We are committed to sharing helpful information to the community. What better way to do this then by letting the community share their insights and expertise for all to see? Since it’s launch, has continually grown as a resource due to the contribution of information from users all over the World. Our hope is that the community will continue to contribute to the website, thereby making it the most up-to-date hurdy-gurdy resource available on the internet.

That’s why we’ve decided to embark on publishing community-written blogs!

What does this mean for you and the community?

This would be your opportunity to write an article on a specific topic that you are especially passionate about or have special knowledge in that could serve to help members of the community. Topics could include anything from maintenance tips, playing techniques, musical genres of interest, microphone / recording tips and tricks, etc. Any topic that can provide guidance, perspective, or even just a humorous essay is welcome.

How do I submit my Article to

All you need to do is email your article to Blog submissions should be at least 500 characters in length and be on a specific topic of interest. You can also include videos and/or images with your post as well information about yourself and links back to your website and/or social media channels.

After mutual review, editing and mutual agreement, your Blog submission will then be published on and be announced to the community in discord and on the FB group.

Why is this important?

Having your own article/blog is a great way to:

  • Establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise
  • Help new potential players
  • Avoid having your knowledge/thoughts be lost in the sea of Facebook posts
  • Create content that drives traffic to your website and/or social media channels from the hundreds of visitors on