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Hurdy-gurdy makers in the US and Canada

It is a nice thing to have your instrument’s luthier be local, be it for repairs, help, or saving shipping charges. Here we go over all the hurdy-gurdy makers in the US and Canada.

elz hurdy gurdy instrument by Eduardo Luz

ELZ Overview

The ELZ hurdy-gurdy was once considered a great maker in the American continents. Now they are not a recommendable purchase at all. This article will give background on the maker and show you the many problems.

Nerdy Gurdy Overview

Since its official launch in 2017, the Nerdy Gurdy has been a revolution in the community. A properly functioning, budget hurdy-gurdy that allows new players to get into the hobby for cheap. Come learn everything there is to know about this project.

Vrabel hurdy gurdy review

Vrabel Hurdy-Gurdy Review

Expert player and hurdy-gurdy community member, Jimi Hellinga (aka Elektrovolt) recently got his hands on a Vrabel hurdy-gurdy. Come find out what he thinks of the instrument.