Hurdy-Gurdy Plans – complete list of plans and instructions


The Catalog of Historical Hurdy-Gurdys, directed by Luciano Pérez, is now online, where you can consult 3D models of 25 ancient hurdy-gurdy gallery.

With this application you can open a detailed file on the history and detailed construction of each one, rotate the 3D model, see detailed and interior photographs, download CAD models to have all the measurements, etc.



Muskett Music Hurdy-gurdy Plans

Muskett Music Hurdy-gurdy Plans available: £60 per plan, including P&P in UK (folded or rolled – also available in PDF format):

  • Pimpard: 19th century lute form
  • Lambert: 18th century guitar form
  • Feury : elegant 18th Century style lute form
  • Pajot fils: typical French folk style lute form by one of the famous Jenzat makers
  • 16th century h-g after Bosch, “Garden of Earthly Delights”
  • Organistrum: copy of carving at Santiago de Compostella, 12th century
  • Sinfonye: 14th century box form, inspired by the Luttrell Psalter c.1330

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Includes 38-page booklet “Notes on Hurdy-Gurdy Construction” edited by Michael Muskett (1992) – consisting of articles from The Hurdy-gurdy Society Journals.