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Welcome to the definitive source of information for the hurdy-gurdy on the internet. We have the largest collection of hurdy-gurdy information online including up-to-date information on hurdy-gurdy makers, workshops & festivals, teachers, tutorials, groups and accessories for your instrument. If you would like to be added to this website, or have information you would like to share, please Contact Us!

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Finding an instrument on a budget is difficult – here we list some of the best beginner instruments that don’t break the bank! Click “read more” for the full list!

Hurdy-gurdies to avoid

There are several instruments that are NOT recommended due to poor engineering, missing features, or inconsistent build quality. Click “read more” to help you avoid burning your money on the wrong instrument!

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Who are we?

In August of 2022, Noelle Beaudin began working on a new hurdy-gurdy resource website – recognizing the need for a single, organized place for information on such a niche instrument. During early development, Noelle connected with Max Enloe – who had also realized the need for a single organized resource. Max had been working on a spreadsheet that compiled a list of makers with contact info, tutorials, plans, workshops, and sheet music. Realizing that Noelle had a website, while Max had all the content, they combined their efforts to make the first version of GurdyWorld.

Since then Max has continued to gather resources such as where to buy cases, rosin, strings – as well as a list of teachers and a complete hurdy-gurdy FAQ. Noelle has continued to improve the function and formatting of the site, as well as creating and maintaining the hurdy-gurdy CensusMap.

Max and Noelle are happy to provide an important service to the community.  Plans for the future include: Community-driven Blogs, a Forum, and an in-person Workshop and Retreat which will be located on USA East Coast.