Book a Hurdy-Gurdy Lesson, Maintenance One-on-One, or Pre-Buy Consultation Now!

Do you need Gurdy Help?

Who doesn’t?!? We all need help with the hurdy-gurdy, whether it means lessons or maintenance, and sometimes we do not have anyone within close proximity to us. GurdyWorld now offers a way to book lessons, maintenance one-on-ones, pre-buy consultation, and more from the comfort of your own home. Even if you do not own a hurdy-gurdy yet, and are interested in reviewing all of the types of instruments available to you – this is something that GurdyWorld can help you with.

See what Noelle and Max each have to offer you, and book your one-on-one today! The cost of each lesson or consultation is $50/hr USD and can be paid via Paypal. All lessons and consultations are via Zoom.

Noelle Beaudin

Why book with Noelle?

  • I’m looking for beginner lessons.
  • I don’t know how to read music.
  • I want to learn music theory. Especially how drone theory works.
  • I need help composing or arranging for the hurdy-gurdy.

Max Enloe

Why book with Max?

  • I’m not sure what hurdy-gurdy to buy.
  • My hurdy-gurdy doesn’t sound good. I need help with adjustment or maintenance.
  • I need help with coup technique. What are good exercises to practice?
  • I want to learn more about the hurdy-gurdy.

Looking for an in-person lesson or consultation? Contact us today!