Hurdy-Gurdy Maintenance Online Workshop

GurdyWorld hosts a monthly online adjustment & maintenance workshop. This is a 2 hour long educational, interactive lecture. Attendees will have the chance to learn and ask questions during the workshop.

This class is open to any level of student, but is geared towards beginners. Price to attend is $15 USD.

Upcoming dates

Dates will typically be the 4th Sunday of each month @ 2-4pm EST. Exceptions may apply, see below:

  • Sunday, December 17, 2023 @ 2-4pm EST (changed due to Christmas)
  • Sunday, January 28, 2024 @ 2-4pm EST
  • Sunday, February 25, 2024 @ 2-4pm EST

Your instructor

For the past 3 years, Max Enloe has immersed himself in the world of the hurdy-gurdy, focusing not only on playing but also on understanding its mechanics. Having learned much by experts such as Scott Gayman and Sergio González, Max has developed a keen sense for the instrument’s nuances.

Knowing the difficulty that comes with maintenance and adjustment, Max now offers a unique class dedicated specifically to hurdy-gurdy adjustment. With a teaching style marked by patience and enthusiasm, Max has a passion for passing on his knowledge to others.

An active contributor to the hurdy-gurdy community, Max shares insights and experiences, embodying a commitment to preserving and enhancing the rich tradition of the hurdy-gurdy. Whether playing tunes or fine-tuning instrument mechanics, Max Enloe is a dedicated hurdy-gurdy enthusiast and maintenance instructor.

Workshop Topics

  • Cotton
    • Types of cotton
    • Is your cotton good for gurdies?
    • How to take off cotton without damaging strings
    • Amount of cotton to apply on different strings
    • What to do when cotton won’t stick
    • Practice techniques for getting better cotton
    • Using liquid rosin to crank backwards
  • Rosin
    • Good types of rosins to use
    • Making and testing liquid rosin
    • Removing rosin from the wheel
    • Different ways to apply liquid rosin to the wheel
    • Applying solid rosin to the wheel
    • Burnishing the rosin on the wheel
  • String Pressure
    • Shimming the bridge
    • Good practices with bridge lifters
    • Dealing with >2 melody strings
  • Putting the trifecta (cotton/rosin/pressure) together
  • Sticky keys
    • Controlling humidity
    • Burnishing keys by hand
    • Teflon Powder application
    • Peg Soap application
    • Scraping/Sanding keys
  • Dealing with humidity
    • Relative humidity and how temperature affects humidity
    • Humidify and dehumidifier use
    • Case humidifier packs
    • Using a hydrometer
  • Other problems
    • Hard to turn tirant pegs
    • Stripped tangent hole
    • Saving frayed or damaged strings
    • Random buzzes??

Any comments, questions, or concerns? Email Max at